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Bonarium is a quality lifestyle brand for boys measuring 140-185cm (11-18 years), based in Paris.


Our goal is simple: to provide boys with a core wardrobe of great comfortable clothes and accessories in which to be themselves! 

We have designed and sized our clothes specifically boys 140-185cm years. All our clothes and accessories are made in France and Portugal, using the best of European fabrics and craftsmanship.

All supported by our own Bonarium service!


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Live & Give™

Bonarium is not just about great clothes. Buying and wearing Bonarium allows you to directly impact the lives of others. 

Bonarium donates 5% of all money you spend with us to support 11-18 year olds with passion, talent and drive who have specific projects and goals for which our financial support makes a real difference. These donations are managed by our foundation Live&Give.

And what's more, if you would like to be considered for one of our awards, you too can apply.

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